DIARY 2017

SHENZHEN, CHINA - 9-16 January 2017:
Workshops on Mundane Astrology, Interpretation and Forecasting.

WEBINAR, MAYO SCHOOL - 17 January 2017:
Webinar on Mundane astrology and the year ahead. Go to Mayo school for details www.mayoastrology.com.

BEIJING WEBINARS - Starting 21st February 2017:
NODOOR School of Astrology - Email: nodoor@vip.126.com, Phone: 8610-58263061, Website: www.nodoor.com, Nodoor is an ISAR affiliated school.
A complete course of astrology, over 60+ weeks, taking students from beginners level to the beginnings of professional competence, and ISAR examinations if desired. In English translated into Chinese.
TUESDAYS 12 Noon GMT time / 8pm in China.
- LEVEL ONE - Intro/The Zodiac - 4 weeks from 21 February 2017.
- LEVEL TWO - The Planets - 4 weeks from 14 March 2017.
- LEVEL THREE - Houses, Aspects and How to Begin to Interpret the Horoscope - 15 weeks from 16 May 2017.
- LEVEL FOUR - More on Interpretation and questions of simple Synastry and Vocation. 13 weeks from 10 October 2017.
- LEVEL FIVE - Forecasting, Synastry and more on Relationships. Psychology, Person-centred Astrology, Preparation for ISAR exams and professional practise. 27 weeks from 27 February 2018.

Webinar on Medical Astrology. Go to Mayo school for details www.mayoastrology.com.

ROUJAN, FRANCE - 11 -18 June 2017:
Residential course with Kim Farley. Go to Courses Page.
Students will have opportunity to work with clients as they usually do on these annual courses and the emphasis in the classroom situation this year will be on relationships and synastry including well-known and lesser known techniques and consideration of various aspects of humans relating to each other.

WYBOSTON, CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September 2017:
Astrological Association Conference.
Lectures on Pluto and the ingress of Uranus into Taurus.

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